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Suzuki TS 250 1974

Well I'm getting and closer to the finish now .. Having been sourcing parts from all over Australia . Have a complete set of original blinkers but still need to bolt on and wire up the rear indicators which I have only just got. They are also in poor condition I managed to get the correct tail light for the bike and swapped this over I have fitted a new headlight shell because the old was was damaged and bent. I still need a good headlight rim but managed to get the old one to fit the new shell for now. Have fitted 6v battery Have sorted out the wiring and indicators and most of the lights work . Had to repair a few broken wires and have re-loomed wiring harness.. Need to fix neutral switch/ light . Electrical issues mainly due to corrosion and poor earth . Have RH original Suzuki mirror but have fitted aftermarket ones for now. Speedo is now working but I need a new tacho cable. Have fitted new tyres front and back Have replaced front brake shoes Have replaced fork oil Have replaced engine oil Have replaced spark plug Have put in a brand new airfilter Mainly only cosmetic things to do now. Need battery cover bracket Need oil tank side cover that is not cracked Need to fix side stand Need to cleanup and degrease bike Need to fix dents in tank and replace decals . Need to polish aluminum bits Need to repaint where needed Need to get some parts re-chromed Need to fix or replace seat vinyl Need to clean out exhaust and replace muffler blanket Need to replace brake and clutch ...

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