Video - Suzuki V-Strom Two Brothers vs stock exhaust

Videa Suzuki V-Strom Suzuki V-Strom Two Brothers vs stock exhaust

Suzuki V-Strom Two Brothers vs stock exhaust

Finally I've got Two Brothers Racing M5 exhaust installed on my DL 1000 V-Strom. First of all, I'm sure there's no need to convince any of you that big V-Twins sound good. V-Strom's engine has its characteristic noise, I tell people that it's Turbo :) I was sure that I wanted it to be louder and have more aggressive growl. The thing was to choose the best exhaust. I was considering Leo Vince, Akrapovic, Remus and Two Brothers. Akrapovic seems to be the quietest one. I've heard many of them on BMW and wasn't very impressed. Not a big improvement over the stock. The same with Remus. So I ended up with a decision whether to choose cheaper and much more popular Leo Vince SBK or Two Brothers. Made a research, found bikes with both of them, heard how they sound and fell in love with Two Brothers' sound and design. Here you have the video of the stock exhaust and then the Two Brothers Racing M5. M5 means that the cans are the bigger ones (you can also get M2 - smaller, but they don't look good on such big bike). What to say more... The sound is... well, I didn't expect something like this (even though I heard Two Bros before). When I first started the engine a huge grin appeared on my face and it stays there since that time. The sound is much deeper than Leo Vince (and I mean MUCH deeper), it's also louder. I got a set of P1 Tower Tips. The exhaust sound stays on the level of Leo Vince without the db-killer when the inserts are installed. Perfect for long rides. Unfortunately, I ...

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