Video - Suzuki Van Van.The DIBperspective.

Videa Suzuki Van Van Suzuki Van Van.The DIBperspective.

Suzuki Van Van.The DIBperspective.

Not a road within 110 yards from my 'umble abode.Had 2 cars stolen from the road over the last 15 years.Company service vehicles full of "state of the art" refrigeration servicing equipment.[at least that's what the company told the insurance assessor when claiming ] My wife bought this travel valise on her last visit to Haifa by plane.But she thought it would be too big to fit on the bike.So I thought I'd check for future reference. It took me 6.5 hours to ride from Eilat to Rosh Hanikra on a Yamaha XT 350.And that included a "quick hello" to my wife's sisters in Haifa. That is literally from one end of Israel to the other. I am really impressed with the Van Van.Handling and carrying capacity for a 125cc motorcycle are quite exceptional.

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