Video - suzuki VL800 (Boulevard C50) intruder

Videa Suzuki Boulevard suzuki VL800 (Boulevard C50) intruder

suzuki VL800 (Boulevard C50) intruder

The Suzuki Boulevard C50 motorcycle (VL800) is manufactured by Suzuki Motor Corporation from the years 2005 - present. It was originally named the Volusia (for Volusia County, Florida) where it was unveiled at the 2001 Daytona Bike Week [1]. In 2005, Suzuki re-branded it to the Suzuki Boulevard C50. While nearly every component remained the same, the Boulevard series offers fuel injection instead of a carburetor. The engine is a liquid cooled 45 degree 805cc v-twin[2]. The transmission is 5 speed, with transfer of power to the rear wheel accomplished via shaft drive. The Boulevard C50 is a cruiser style motorcycle and is outfitted from the factory to carry a passenger.

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