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Suzuki X-HEAD - Tokyo Motor Show 2007 : DigInfo DigInfo News Described by Suzuki as "the epitome of functional dependability and fun", the X-Head concept vehicle features an exaggerated, yet functional, chunky, toy-like, design. "The X from the name X-HEAD stands for cross-utility, so, it's a combination of two different functions and is meant to express a new style of car." The exterior features side and rear storage areas, with panels that drop down and can function as a bench. The X-Head also features full-time four-wheel drive, ladder frame construction, a live rear axle, a limited-slip differential, a mid-mounted, 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine and a six-speed, twin-clutch automatic transmission. "This car combines the running performance of the Escudo and Jimni, with the load capacity of the Carry. We have unified the principals of these three models with the Suzuki design philosophy and made a new and interesting vehicle." The load-bed is also configurable with Suzuki detailing three possible examples, on was the Fashion, for urban driving, the Camper, which has sleeping space for two adults and a Rescue unit for emergency services and rescue organizations. Regarding the cars interior, we have fused industrial with personal, analogue with digital, creating a completely new style. Particularly the information panels in the interior are simple in design with a simple shape, and the overhead console displays the simple analogue style. The dash features a wide monitor information system with high ...

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