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Videa Suzuki TR SV650 OR Yamaha R1

SV650 OR Yamaha R1

I need your guys votes to help me decide if I Trade my Suzuki SV650 for this Yamaha R1! My SV650 is a 2001 with custom full fairings, Scotts steering damper, full Yoshi exhaust system, jetted Carb Kit, Race-tech Fork springs,Trail Tech Vapor gauge,clear tail and signal LED lights, PIAA Headlights The Yamaha R1 is a 1999 with Polished Frame, 8" Swingarm polished Yamaha Extensions, msd Air Shit Kit with compressor, msd Shif Light, msd Kill switch, Full Yoshi exhaust with Headers, lowered with Adjustable linkage, Racing Clutch, Undertail with intergraded brake and signal LED's, Smoked Flush mount Front Blinkers, HID Headlight Kit I Have the opportunity to do an even Trade (No Money Involved), but I'm undecided and I need your help. Please just let me know what you would do if you were in this situation. Thank you

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