Video - Test Ride a Concours 14

Videa Suzuki ST Test Ride a Concours 14

Test Ride a Concours 14

What my friend was telling me: First he said that with this much power, and fuel injection, it's quite snappy. You'll take off and right away you'll be doing 30 and with the shaft drive, it's so smooth you won't even know it. Then he pointed out that Pazzo shorties, due to the width of the electrical controls, actually turn into 2 finger clutch and brake. He prefers 3 finger so he said he would probably be getting the full length pazzo levers to replace these. When the kickstand is up the left footpeg is in the way of putting it down... so wearing MC boots it's kind of hard to get the sidestand down. Minor inconvenience. Then he explained how to use the Kipass key system. Push the key down with the fob near the bike and then you can turn it on. Then he explained how he liked the positive neutral finder in the transmission and I then complained how the Hyosung doesn't have that so you end up working hard to find neutral while the engine is running. He pointed out that, unlike the FZ1, the clutch pull engages about 2/3 of the way out and with the extra torque, you don't even need to use the throttle when starting to take off. The bike will just pull you up to a few mph without any throttle input and it has enough torque to do this easily. He showed me how to use the electrical windshield, turn off traction control and ABS, and how to use the mode switch to scroll through the different screens on the display, including how to turn on ECO mode on the 2010+ models which leans ...

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