Video - the People - We're Angry (Promotinal Movie, Senkaku Islands Ver.)

Videa Suzuki RE the People - We're Angry (Promotinal Movie, Senkaku Islands Ver.)

the People - We're Angry (Promotinal Movie, Senkaku Islands Ver.)

+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ MUSIC DOWNLOAD / STREAM LISTEN; +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ We are the people. We are a small circle of friends. We are NOT a professional band. We are NOT a group of nationalists. Instead, We are liberalists. We NEVER love government which pose a threat to our home country. We NEVER love government which make concessions to criminal. We are angry. We would like to show our emotions by music. No more quarrel, no more chaos. Love, Peace and Mercy. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ We're Angry. (the Senkaku) // The People Produced by Kota Suzuki (DJ .Kota / Melting Pot Duo) Composed by Kota Suzuki and Yasuaki Kobayashi (DJ snake) Arranged by the People Original Arrangement and Productions by Yasuaki Kobayashi Conductor; Kota Suzuki and bD Recorded at 2kai Booth, bD Lounge, and other production spots. Recorded by bD, Kota Suzuki Mixed by Kota Suzuki Mastered by the People Musicians; K (Electric Bass, Drums Edit, Electric Piano, Synths, and CDJ) b (Electric Guitars, Noises, and Sound Programming) M (Organ, Noises, and Samples) V (Acoustic Drums, Sound Programming, and Electronics) Licensed by 2kai Productions We really wanna create music that make people forget bad things, chaotic world and pains. chega de saudade. Love, Peace, and Mercy. - 2kai Productions +++++++++++++++++ We do accept your comments only from

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