Video - The Ultimate Jester March

Videa Suzuki T The Ultimate Jester March

The Ultimate Jester March

Needs more zoom. And Street Fighter. ------------------------------------------Music used--------------------------------------------------- Pumpin at Blue: t+pazolite - Only Gabbakick is still alive! Udyr Theme: t+pazolite & Nanako Suzuki - Let's fall in Love! (note, only about first 12 seconds, rest of the song is quite different) Morgana Ganking: t+pazolite & Mao Komiya - Sentimental Striker Morgana Ganking(secondary): t+pazolite - Inaba-chan Night Fever ~ Kanon Kanon Blitzkrieg: MegaDriver - Sonic Boom - Guile's Theme Mid Udyr: t+pazolite - AL!ce--TNDRemix--2006 Blitz strikes again: JAM Project - Rescue Fire 2.2

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