Video - Tom's new bike! 2005 Suzuki Sv650S

Videa Suzuki US Tom's new bike! 2005 Suzuki Sv650S

Tom's new bike! 2005 Suzuki Sv650S

This is a kind of introduction to Tom's 33bhp Suzuki Sv650S. We will do a review for this bike as well as more GoPro videos Watch more of our videos and subscribe to our channel if you want to watch our challenges, road trips and reviews of the one thing we love - motorcycling! Also add us as a friend on Facebook for regular updates and feel free to ask us questions about bikes etc... We might be able to help you Our facebook page is: (I think you might have to be logged on for it to work) And my blog is (I own no rights to the soundtrack in this video is not owned or copyrighted by us and we are only using and not claiming for it to be ours) Thanks for watching, SLAP Sounds . Like . A . Plan

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