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Videa Suzuki US True Blood Season 4 Spoiler Round-Up, Part 2

True Blood Season 4 Spoiler Round-Up, Part 2 - Visit us for more True Blood exclusives, gossip, and spoilers! - Like us on Facebook! - Follow us on Twitter! What's up, True Blood addicts? I'm Chako Suzuki from As you know, our favorite Southern vamps won't be back in our living rooms until June 26th, when Season 4 premieres on HBO, so we have two choices we can mope and sulk until our Sunday nights are sexy again or we can kill some time by indulging in some more delicious spoilers. It's up to you, but we're going with the latter. If you don't want spoilers, best get out now! As we've mentioned, the fourth installment of True Blood has been dubbed the "Season of the Witch", but what kind of witches are we talking about here? Executive producer Alan Ball reveals that this upcoming season's crop of witches will be divided into two separate breeds: the peace-loving, hippie-type Wiccans, and a scarier crew, "who are more into dark, dangerous black magic." Um, we'd rather hang out with the hippies, thank you very much. Meanwhile, what's to become of Bill Compton now that he and Sookie are dunzo? Per Stephen Moyer himself, it looks like Bill might start dating around. One rumor suggests that new cast member Paola Turbay will play Bill's vampire rebound in Peru, although we can only confirm that Paola's role is a Spanish-speaking gal named Antonia. Oh, and if she looks familiar, that's because she also plays Adrian's mom on The Secret Life of the American ...

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