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TT 2006

The Review DVD is available here : 10% discount today - enter 'Youtube' at checkout Only one thing was better than the brilliant weather at TT 2006 and that was the speed of the world's most famous 'real roads' course. This review takes you trackside using cameras on bikes, kerbs and helicopters to capture wheelies, jumps and white-knuckle corners at rubber-stripping speeds. All six races are covered in three entertaining hours - including rider interviews, post-race celebrations and the pit-lane stops. DVD extras include an on-board lap with Guy Martin, international rider profiles a marshal's guide to the TT. "Spring's annual TT festival, 13 days and 6 races, is a magnificent anachronism, like Wimbledon's grass or Epsom's undulations. While the MotoGP boys whizz round on their manicured tracks, the Isle of Man's 'real roads' mountain course is nearly 38 miles long, with 266 turns, many of them combination corners. It breeds a special kind of biking hero, and this year's was undoubtedly John McGuiness, the 'Morcambe Missile', who won 3 of the 4 solo races, set 9 outright lap records and edged to within 0.55mph of the mythic 130mph lap. Conditions were well-nigh perfect, and this record of the proceedings isn't far off it either ... it's a model of what a motorsport DVD should be; expert commentary, illuminating interviews, more camera positions than you can shake a stick at and a whopping 220 minutes of action. A bonus feature offers travel details for 2007 ...



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