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Unisynth xg-1m

=Vintage 1980's Unisynth Midi guitar. The rubberized fretboard is in great shape and is not showing any signs of disintegration (which, apparently, many of them do since these instruments are typically at least 20 years old) (By the way, this *is* the XG-1m and not the XG-1.) This XG-1m is a midi controller and can access any sounds from a keyboard, computer or module. the XG-1 has only 5 built in cheesy annoying sounds. Now, if this is your first time viewing this great piece of synth history, it features six metal strings that must be plucked in order to generate sound. The strings are sensitive so when you hit the string harder, it volume get louder, just like a guitar. It also has 4 knobs where you can adjust sustain, tremelo range, sensitivity, and volume. It's a strange, beautiful and crazy combination of a guitar and a synthesizer.

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