Video - V-Strom 1000 VS Lost Lake Forest Road.

Videa Suzuki V-Strom V-Strom 1000 VS Lost Lake Forest Road.

V-Strom 1000 VS Lost Lake Forest Road.

I ride down Lost Lake forest road in Pillsbury State Forest. It is mid march in northern Minnesota, It was way early to be out riding, but it was too nice not to get out. Tires were Michelin Anakee on the front, at 3% tread left, a Shinko 712 which is a touring tire with about 10% tread left. Tires were not up for this kind of riding, but the 65 degree weather got the best of me and I wanted to play... Ended up putting the V-Strom down for the fist time which was very disappointing, but the crash bar saved the plastic bits and I learned a lesson. 1. A V-Strom is very hard to pick up, especially when on ice and snow. 2. I can do it! 3. Don't drive on ice and snow! =) Thanks for checking it out. Forrest Rider OUT. Music Produced for this video by Zac Smith if you would like music for you videos, feel free to contact him!

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