Video - Vado HD 1st Test - Suzuki GN 250 !

Videa Suzuki GN Vado HD 1st Test - Suzuki GN 250 !

Vado HD 1st Test - Suzuki GN 250 !

I made this in Windows Movie Maker, and it cannot really be called a test of the vado hd anymore cause editing in WMM caused a terrible loss of video quality (!) I dunno why this happened or how I can avoid it.. Is it possible to edit videos using wmm without having the video quality deteriorate so much? Camera was mounted in my jacket's chest pocket -- not the perfect solution either (but could be worse:)) Anyway first video ! Im surprised I managed to edit scenes anyway, Im a total noob ! And creating this video took almost 2 hours on my crappy netbook! It was a lot of work ! :D And now the video quality is so crappy!! :(

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