Video - Variator kit Stage6 R/T Oversize open box video

Videa Suzuki T Variator kit Stage6 R/T Oversize open box video

Variator kit Stage6 R/T Oversize open box video

This open box video show the new variator Stage6 R/T oversize. The Stage6-R/T-Variator has recalculated roller tracks for 19x15, 5mm-weights - as a result, a very homogeneous speed curve, which affects the entire acceleration phase. The slope angles are accurately machined on a CNC lathe and then coated with a ceramic conversion sealed to keep the surface finish and roughness longer. A glass-rays as with pure aluminum transducers is not necessary and only when the coating is showing clear signs of wear. The riser plate is reinforced. The sintered liner provides optimal lubricating properties. The delivery also included a set of weights, torque converter spring and a matching Stage6-R/T front pulley with a cooling fan-. A special reinforced castle nut allows for easier installation and more stable fixation of the Vario. Special installation tools are also available from Stage6. The oversize Vario can be driven with standard converters, which reach their optimum performance but only in conjunction with the over-size converter and an elongated, oversized belts.

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