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Videa Suzuki US Virtua Fighter 2 - Gameplay (PS3)

Virtua Fighter 2 - Gameplay (PS3)

This is some gameplay from the newly-released Virtua Fighter 2 for the PS3, which came out recently for the North American PSN. It also just came out for the Xbox 360 and can be bought for a pittance on XBLA. Virtua Fighter is a fighting game series that many of the hardcore Sega fans love. The brainchild of the brilliant Yu Suzuki, Virtua Fighter is a 1-on-1 fighting game franchise that popularized the 3D fighting game and gave Capcom and Street Fighter a run for its money when it debuted in 1993. The older VF games may look a bit rough these days, VF1 in particular, but there is no denying that they were expertly crafted games that pushed the boundaries of arcade technology back in the early '90s. Virtua Fighter 2, obviously, was the sequel to Virtua Fighter...1, and it is largely touted as one of the best fighting games of all time, with a deep and robust fighting engine that allowed for hundreds of potential moves. ...Which is why it is so painful to watch someone like me klutz my way through this game, mashing buttons and spamming two combos that "work". I won't lie; I suck at fighting games. Fighters Megamix and Soul Caliber are about as intense as I like my fighting games to be. VF2 is damn hard. Hell, I had to cut out, what, ten minutes minutes of Pai kicking my ass over and over again just for this video? Truth be told, the I don't like the VF series as much much as I should, being a hardcore Sega fan and all. The games are just too hard for me. Don't get me ...



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