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Videa Suzuki US Vurb Platinum ft. Justin Barcia

Vurb Platinum ft. Justin Barcia

Vurb Moto made a recent trip to see Justin Barcia and his new motocross track and we went big. This is Vurb Platinum and we went big. We're talking helicopters and cable cams, we even brought in the maker of Moto the Movie 3 -- Taylor Congdon. If you thought the James Stewart video with a helicopter was good (you'd be right because we made that as well), but this is even better... trust us. This is Vurb Platinum - Justin Barcia style with whips, scrubs and everything in between. Music: "Renaissance" by egadz Subscribe to Vurb Moto Vurb Moto Website Vurb Moto Facebook http Vurb Moto Twitter

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