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'Wakan Tanka' - Promo

Join us on for more updates. PLEASE DONATE TODAY AND BE PART OF A GLOBAL COMMUNITY WORKING TOWARD CHANGE! GO TO: to donate! THANK YOU! This film communicates a powerful message from elders to youth on climate change through inspirational and educational interviews with elders set against a backdrop of a fictional journey shot in the style of a contemporary music video. The socially conscious production team is seeking funds from you to help complete filming this summer that is critical to making this film interesting, interactive and inspiring for global youth to watch. With the support of private funding from people like you, we will be able to launch this film free of charge on the web for anybody who wants to see it world wide. The website will provide a wealth of information on sustainable solutions, a directory of resources, and weekly educational film clips from the the interviews with the elders. Please consider supporting this project! Thank you! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Wakan Tanka ( is a creative and innovative hybrid documentary film that features environmental and Indigenous Elders as they bring their heartfelt message to humankind about our relationship with our planet. This film will deeply explore how we can embrace the knowledge of our Elders to address climate change and bring a message of hope to humankind, in particular youth. This ...

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