Video - Walk around 2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000

Videa Suzuki GP Walk around 2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000

Walk around 2006 Suzuki GSXR 1000

If you look close you can see the forks don't look gold anymore, and the top of the forks used to be red but now they're a faded pink at best. That's what I get for leaving my bike in the sun. Went for a double ride the day before that's why the rear seat is on instead of the cowl, which I prefer. ABOUT THE BIKE: I've done countless top speed runs, wheelies, revs to the limiter, and ran the hell outta the bike at tracks and at a drag strip. In the video the bike has 44857 miles. I've already had 2 valve adjustments done, throttle syncs a couple times, countless tires. Stock tires lasted 9k then a 2-3 pairs of Michelin PP2CT, 1 pair of pures, 3 pairs of Dunlops GP-A 211 and about to run the N-TEC slicks my next track day. And Obviously lots of oils changes...every 3-5k, used to get them done, but i just did my first one. Gonna get another valve job done after my next track day, because it's every 15k according to the manual. If you didn't notice I always let my bike warm up to at least 110F before I ride OR rev it. Treat the bike good and respect it and it should last....kinda like women! Have any questions, please ask! Sorry I put my finger over the mic at the end :(

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