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Wetpaint's Top 3 Picks To Win The Bachelorette Season 7 - Visit us for more Bachelorette exclusives, gossip, and spoilers! - Like us on Facebook! - Follow us on Twitter! Hey there, Bachelorette fans! I'm Chako Suzuki of and I'll be your Rosemaster today as we predict Ashley Hebert's top three guys on The Bachelorette Season 7. Better grab yourselves a cocktail, 'cause this just may be the most dramatic list ever. Ashley's journey to love won't start until May 23, but our friend, spoiler king Reality Steve, has already revealed two of the four guys who got hometown dates with our girl. Are you ready for some spoilers? One of the hometown heroes is a 30-year-old restaurant owner from Atlanta, Georgia, named Constantine Tzortzis. Constantine can speak some Greek, he owns a poodle and, for Halloween last year, he dressed in leather tights as Sacha Baron Cohen's gay Austrian supermodel character, Bruno. Hey, whatever works for you, Ashley... Another one of Ashley's rumored hometown hunks is 28-year-old winemaker Ben Flajnik of Sonoma, California. (We know wine is a big a hit with Ashley.) Ben is a major sports fan He won the state championship in soccer and calls the best trip of his life so far a 2006 World Cup visit to Germany with nine of his buddies. Ben is also kind of a party boy. He and a whopping 73 other underage drinkers were busted by the police at a University of Arizona house party in 2003. Our Ashley does like to have fun, so maybe she's met her match ...

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