Video - What Does Music Do For You?

Videa Suzuki RE What Does Music Do For You?

What Does Music Do For You?

As it says in the title, as I say in the video, what does music do for you? Leave a comment below! Please, no genre wars... it's obvious that metal is superior to everything else in every way. ;) If you have any comments or questions then feel free to post/ask, I don't bite. Camera: Drift Innovation HD170 Stealth Bike: 2010 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Helmet: Shoei XR1100 Conqueror The song in the video is Preaching The Machine by Allegaeon off of their self-titled EP, used with permission from the band. Check em' out if you're interested, they're a very talented band that deserves all of the recognition that they can get.

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