Video - "When We're Human" / "Mou Sugu Ningen Da" /

Videa Suzuki RE "When We're Human" / "Mou Sugu Ningen Da" /

"When We're Human" / "Mou Sugu Ningen Da" /

**I DO NOT OWN ANYTHING HERE.** Disney owns the movie and song, the Japanese dubbing company owns this version. Sorry the audio is a bit off, this isn't taken from the movie; I put the video clip and the song (From NicoNicoDouga) together via Movie Maker. I thought I had it right, but apparently it screwed itself up when saving :/ Working on my "Friends on the Other Side" translation, so the sub job on this will be on hold. The title translates as "Almost Human". Sung by Louis, Naveen, and Tiana (Atomu Kobayashi, Tatsumine Tansou, and Honoka Suzuki).

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