Video - Wild Arms 4 - reckless ARM [Extended w/ DL Link]

Videa Suzuki DL Wild Arms 4 - reckless ARM [Extended w/ DL Link]

Wild Arms 4 - reckless ARM [Extended w/ DL Link]

Before we begin, I would like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for my life, and all the gifts which I've been given in it, including the ability to make this extension. Your name be glorified, my Savior, even in something as small as this. Amen. MP3 Link: Wild Arms 4 Extensions Folder: For your information, viewers, Amateur Extension Theater 2000 is completely and totally OSHA compliant. No recklessness to be found here! I'm your safety minded host, Alk- EYAAAGH! *thud wham clunk clunk CRASH* .... ergh... note to self... be more careful with the placement of my rubber banana peel collection in the future... Jude Maverick never dreamed there was a world beyond his humble village of Ciel, nor that he would journey across it in the hopes of keeping one step ahead of the almost supernaturally powerful special forces unit, Brionac. With help from the wandering swordswoman and painter, Raquel Applegate, as well as a pretty-confident Drifter named Arnaud G. Vasquez, can this unlikely party protect young Julie Ahtreide from the machinations of a sinister cabal, or will she, along with all Filgaia, meet an unsavory end at their hands...? Composed by Masato Kouda, 'Reckless ARM' is heard in the game's most definitely final dungeon of no return... Illsveil Prison! (Which actually first debuted in Wild Arms 2, which may or may not be somehow connected to Wild Arms 4. *shakes fist at jumbled, confusing narratives*) It's a pretty good theme for a final ...

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