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Worlds fastest street bike Street bikes from Western North Carolina hit the curvy mountain roads to have some fun. Think you can keep up, leave the straights and hit the curves for some fun! Please remember to Subscribe, Share, like & comment. I upload new videos each week! Standard -- Years ago most bikes were Standards. With a Standard your sitting position is upright, placing your back at a more perpendicular position than a sportbike or cruiser. Standards are great for all day riding, or general commuting. If you throw some luggage over the back of them they make a good bike for over night trips as well. Typically Standards don't have much body work on them, however in recent years some manufacturers have began to make their Standards look a bit stealthy with fairings. Examples of Standards include Honda's CB750 Nighthawk, Suzuki's 600 & 1200 Bandits, Kawasaki's ZR7S & Z1000 (shown), Ducati's Monster series; and BMW's R1150R and F650CS. Versatile, practical and fun in more ways than one would best describe the Standard. Cruiser -- Over the years the Cruiser has gained a lot of popularity. From the chopper romance of movies like Easy Rider, Wild Angels and all the other biker movies that Jack Nicholson and Peter Fonda wound up in between 1965 and 1972, the Cruiser has been ruling the city streets of many a town. Often highly decorated, Cruisers are always fun to look at. 'The more chrome the better' many a Cruiser owner would say. With a lean back position and often small seats ...



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