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Videa Suzuki RE Wrestle Kingdom 6 Re-Booked

Wrestle Kingdom 6 Re-Booked

Luke and I tearing the original line up to pieces in the course of 15 minutes! This is not a total fantasy booking as we are actually working within the context of the actual event and the years outcome. We re booked, tweaked, and utterly devastated the weak line up the company has set up for the Dome show. Support Luke, much of my future work will involve the UK's greatest Booker! Wrestle Kingdom 6 - Re Booked Takayama Yoshihiro Vs Makabe Togi *Makabe goes over* Suzuki Minoru Vs Funaki Masakatsu *Suzuki goes over via pin* IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship: Prince Devitt (c) Vs Taguchi Ryusuke *Taguchi goes over* IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championships: No Remorse Corps (c) Vs Tanaka Minoru & Kanemoto Koji *Kanemoto goes over Romero* IWGP Intercontinental Championship: Tanaka Masato (c) Vs Sugiura Takashi *Tanaka goes over* Nakamura Shinsuke & Yano Toru Vs Shiozaki Go & Marufuji Naomichi *Shiozaki goes over Yano* Triple Crown Heavyweight Championship: Akiyama Jun (c) Vs Nagata Yuji *Akiyama goes over* IWGP Tag Team Championships: Bad Intentions: Giant Bernard & Karl Anderson (c) Vs TenKoji: Tenzan Hiroyoshi & Kojima Satoshi *TenKoji goes over* IWGP Heavyweight Championship: Tanahashi Hiroshi (c) Vs Goto Hirooki *Goto goes over*

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