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Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. and FZ6 (Efzettoshiccs) are motorcycles of 600cc class that YAMAHA MOTOR is manufacturing for the foreign market. Outline FZ6 was put on the market as a successor of FZS600 that had become a best-seller in Europe in 1998. There was a lineup of FZ6-S Fazer with FZ6-N and the caul that did not include cauls, and new color FZ6-SS Fazer was added. Moreover, FZ6 Fazer Spec2 to which the minor was changed from the model in 2006 is announced. It is so-called Japanese cars produced abroad by which Prestocorporation etc. import the vehicle exported for foreign countries, and a lineup different in each license circumstances in the sales country is united in foreign countries. It is often classified as a middle category because there are a lot of countries where the license division of 125cc or more doesn't exist in a lot of countries of Europe though it is not possible to get on if the large-scale automatic operation two-wheel license is not acquired in Japan. Therefore, it is finish that treats easily that is said that the group of users of 400cc class in Japan will be made the main target, and the tuning of the engine of car heavy YZF-R6 that need not be eager in the vehicle of liter class (1000cc), and doesn't ask the usage of a town ride, a pass, and a long touring. It reacts quickly as it is rider's desire, and the expression named Spaltan is often used from running with Merihari. The seat amount is a little higher than other models of this class, and ...




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