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Videa Suzuki RE Yamaha R1 TURBO Street bike (Custom Build)

Yamaha R1 TURBO Street bike (Custom Build)

"Oh So Orange" 2005 Yamaha R1 TURBO I built this bike myself in our double garage over a period of 9 months. The turbo kit is a McCoy Motorsports (Kentucky,USA) design & this is the 1st R1 in Australia to get the new design turbo kit. It has a GT2860R with TiAL 50mm BOV & TiAL 38mm wastegate, Dynojet PC3, ignition module, 2bar map sensor, multi hub & Turbosmart boost controller. Currently on street tune for use @225hp I'm striping the motor down and replacing the weak internals with forged internals, C&S 8-10inch Swingarm & NX Nitrous system with a full re-tune with about 22-28psi boost plus Nos to make 425-500hp. Will this be Australia's most powerful R1???



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