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Yoyofactory Catalyst

Filmed this out of boredom. Hope you guys enjoy! For Info on this yoyo see 'Show more' Name: yoyofactory Catalyst Weight(g): 66.3 Body Shape: Butterfly Bearing Type: SPEC Ball Bearing Width(m): 43 Diameter(m): 56.5 An awesome yoyo, very smooth and comfortable in hand, the Catalyst also has a very long sleep time. Unfortunately, it uses a SPEC bearing, which in my opinion kinda spoils the yoyo :( but fortunately it is very smooth fresh out of the box. Thank you Augie Fash for such a great yoyo. Overall score: 8/10 :D Songs used - Zee Avi - Bitter Heart, Formless - Feint, Tristam - Follow me LIKE US ON FACEBOOK: FOLLOW US ON TWITTER:

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