Video - Zuke - 1988 Suzuki Samurai Bush Beast

Videa Suzuki Samurai Zuke - 1988 Suzuki Samurai Bush Beast

Zuke - 1988 Suzuki Samurai Bush Beast

Our new to us Sammy goes through a few more modifications to turn it into our local area daily driver and weekend offroad vehicle. It spent a few weeks in the home workshop and was worked on as time allowed. It got new tube bumpers front and back with winch, front tow bar hitch and rear trailer hitch, and new signal and brake lights. A custom built roof rack system to hold a small fishing boat, that may someday be expanded into an exoskeleton. Checkerplate or diamond plate shiny aluminum door panels, radio bezel and license plate holder. A slip slap $150 single stage paint job in the closest we could find to Olive Drab on the exterior, and some gloss black Tremclad on the floor of the interior. A leaky gas tank was also fixed and the faulty fuel gauge (very important!) hooked up properly. Wire mess was cleaned up and done properly. Yes, we know that we still need to paint the inside doors black or olive to match. It'll get done eventually. Or not. :D Credits: Kevin MacLeod from used with permission under creative commons license 3.0 with attribution. Pieces are titled (in order) "Niles Blues", "Down Home Rockin" and "Slow Burn".

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